Massage therapy makes a natural complement to our chiropractic treatments. Chronically tight muscles and ligaments can exert an unequal pull on one side of your body, gradually nudging the vertebrae out of alignment. By the same token, a skeletal misalignment can put extra stress on the muscles and ligaments on one side, causing back pain and boosting the odds of those muscles becoming injured in a car accident injury or other form of personal injury. Massage therapy loosens and relaxes these tissues so they can resume their normal length, making it easier for your spine to maintain proper alignment. It also increases circulation to the tissues, helping your blood carry healing nutrients to cells that need them. Massage relieves pain as well. Tight or damaged muscle fibers tend to hold metabolic wastes and inflammatory substances that contribute to pain and swelling, and by relaxing the muscles we can help the circulatory system remove these toxins.

If you experience delayed healing or nagging stiffness at an injury site, you may be in need of deep tissue massage. Masses of scar tissue called adhesions sometimes occur when the body attempts to heal damaged soft tissues. Unfortunately, these adhesions can prolong and amplify your symptoms by getting in the way of complete healing and restricting freedom of motion in the affected area. Deep tissue massage goes deep to release the built-up scar tissue, enabling muscles, tendons and ligaments to resume healing and regain full functionality.

Physio-therapy can play a critical role in helping you recover from a car accident injury or other personal injury. After we address the spinal issue causing your back pain, for instance, we may then prescribe strengthening exercises to help your back muscles regain their ability to support your spinal column. If you have suffered from stiffness, flexibility exercises can help your body learn how to move again. Bulging discs in the spine respond well to spinal decompression, a form of gentle traction that pulls them back into position. We also use reflexology, heat therapy and cold therapy, and nutritional therapy to stimulate the healing process and reduce discomfort without drugs.

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